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Karma Nightclub Athlone

The Best Athlone Night Club - The Karma Night Club Athlone

Athlone is famous for its city nightlife and the Prince of Wales is central to the celebrations. The Prince Bar provides live entertainment every Friday and Saturday night free of charge. It's cocktail bar has a choice of over 250 cocktails on offer as well numerous beers in the bar!

Three years after the Galway venture Karma Night Club Athlone opened in March 2005. It was a natural progression after the success of the Galway launch to open another club and were better than one of Ireland's most rapidly expanding towns. Located in the centre of Athlone, Co. Westmeath, Karma has become the number one nightclub in Athlone. Karma’s philosophy is simple; to create a unique, comfortable, warm, enjoyable and safe clubbing environment for its customers. Karma Athlone Night Club is well known for its variety of events from Retail Therapy events to infamous SIN nights.

Our Athlone Night-Club also have the best live bands playing one Sunday a month! Music policy has been described as “commercial vibes with a slick twist.” Karma’s design was to create an aura of calm spiced with an electric mix of vibrant energy, hence the name karma. The Buddhist theme was developed with majestic statues as focal points throughout the venue, soft lighting creating an atmosphere for those who require relaxing drinks, whilst space and contemporary designs encourage the discerning party goers! If you are looking for a different night out, with friends, family, work or any occasion, Karma Club and Athlone has what you are looking for!

Discounts available for guests of the Prince of Wales Hotel - Club Rules apply.


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